The Fall Winter drop 2021 is inspired by Nature, Freedom and Beauty.
Nature is always the basic of life, the way of how everything grow and goes his own way in space.
The Freedom in nature cannot be stopped or limited because it evolve with time.
The beauty of nature is the essence of the planet.
Everything in nature has his own powerful identity.
All these inspiring aspects can be found back in the fall winter 2021 design.
The soft cream color has been chosen as a warmth and comfort color for our hoody.
In the design, the stick stands for the free way of life that we have and keeps spreading.
All the blossoming flowers and grown flowers representing the moments of life.
In a new era full of unexpected times, G A L V A R Y wants to bring positivity and light to every person.
Believe that together we will grow, become stronger and overcome.

soft cream hoody