Fall/Winter 2020 MMXX

The MMXX is our first collection of three items that we launched.
It was the most exited one of course because of the whole experience for the first time.
We took everything seriously from the start and everything was well considered.
The moment we started we choose for quality like we mansion in our statement and vision
with our brand.
People should feel that they not just wear a piece of clothes.
The design was inspired with the idea that we want you to experience the brand.
The GALVARY logo letters on the sweaters and the hoodies are thick embroidered because
we literally want you to feel the strong style you have in life.
We choose the sweaters and a hoody because of the season Fall/Winter obviously.
The season was not the only reason we choose for them but also because we believe that
they are playful and ready to wear items for everyone in 2020 with a sense of style.