After Summer 2020 UNITY

This after summer UNITY drop with just two items. 
We really want to share them with you during the CHALLENGING times this year. This year we all bin effected by the global pandemic COVID-19, our PLANET is changing drastically and HUMANITY is losing his LOVE for EATCH OTHER in the world. 
The inspiration of LIFE these days was the reason to made something FAIR! 
We bring the items out in two nice white t-shirts because of the clean, peaceful, light and pure appearance. 
All the ingredients we want in our life now and where GALVARY stands for. 

The colorful RAINBOW text print was inspired by the rainbow that gives HOPE for everyone, hope that we will survive this period of time TOGETHER. 
The rainbow was also a proud sign to our LGBTQI+ community that we can’t forget. No RACE, SKIN COLOR, SEXUALITY or RELIGION can keep us apart because we are each other brothers and sisters. 
Everyone is included at GALVARY with LOVE. 

The GALVARY PRS and GALVARY COUTURE will give you the feeling of the French fashion style this time and of course with a strong message. 
The QUALITY of our items is chosen from organic cotton, a fine fabric that feels light, comfortable and breathable. 
We are AWARE that fast FASHION is not what our PLANET deserves and why we need to strive to do better as a luxury brand. 
We are a young brand and we have to think about the future of our planet and the fashion industry. 
CONSCIOUSLY and SUSTAINABILITY needs to be every brand’s priority now. 
With our LOVE, MIND and SOUL we made this drop for you to UNITE.